Leading Car and Truck Damage Appraiser in the Pacific Northwest

Fast & accurate car and truck damage appraiser serving the Pacific Northwest for almost 50 years. Our all-inclusive appraisal package includes low impact photos.If your car or truck has been damaged in an accident, by vandals, or as a result of a natural disaster, getting it restored or replaced can be stressful. Obtaining the proper amount from your insurance company can sometimes be like pulling teeth, and sometimes the help of a knowledgeable expert is needed. A high-quality car and truck damage appraiser can make sure all damage is reported accurately and fully, helping you get what you need to get back behind the wheel.

Quality Care & Fast Service

The team at J&E Appraisal Services includes prompt and timely customer communication as a cornerstone of our business. We do everything we can to make sure you have the best appraisal documents in your hands as fast as possible, and we can advise the best way to deliver them to your insurance company for fastest reimbursement.

Comprehensive Appraisal Package

The quality and comprehensiveness of the appraisal package you present to your insurance company makes all the difference when it comes to getting your full claim approved. Our standard appraisal package includes a Mitchell Systems estimate, a minimum of six vehicle photos, and an pre-agreed repair price with the repair shop of your choice. In instances of total loss, we complete CCC or Autosource paperwork and provide manual Actual Cash Value assessments upon request.

Low-Impact Photos

Leading Car and Truck Damage Appraiser in the Pacific NorthwestEach J&E appraiser is specially trained in the execution of low-impact or soft tissue injury photos. These can be extremely useful in determining related damages to your vehicle and liabilities that may exist. Each of our car and truck damage appraisers takes care to make sure details are clear, measurements are accurate and photo angles are optimum. This kind of detailed visual information is incredibly helpful in claim settlement.

Dependable Car and Truck Damage Appraiser in the Pacific Northwest

When you need an independent appraisal for your Pacific Northwest car or truck, J&E Appraisal Services is here to help. We also offer heavy equipment, motorcycle and RV, municipal vehicle and diminished value appraisals. For the best field appraisals and customer service available, contact us today!

Best Car and Truck Damage Appraiser in the Pacific Northwest

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