Factors That Impact Vehicle Damage Appraisals in Spokane

Vehicle-Damage-Appraisals-SpokaneAfter a vehicle accident, having a third-party appraiser take a look at the damage is the best way to get the insurance settlement you need. An impartial party can assess the damage and settle any disputes between you and your insurance company. Knowing some of the factors that impact vehicle damage appraisals will prepare you for the process. 

Extent of Damage

More so than almost anything else, the most important factor in an appraisal is the extent of the damage. Some vehicle damage is more serious than others and this will have a big impact on the valuation. An experienced appraiser will know how to properly inspect and value the damaged vehicle. 

Pre-Accident Condition

Oftentimes, the condition of the vehicle before the accident will have a big impact on the appraisal. If, for example, the car wasn’t in very good shape to begin with, the damage may not have much of an impact on the value of the car. 

Make and Model

Some vehicle makes and models will be worth more money, even if they’re damaged. Vehicle damage appraisals will always take this into account. Having a good understanding of what your vehicle is worth will help you be prepared for the figure you receive after the appraisal. 

Need Vehicle Damage Appraisals in Spokane? 

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