What to Expect During an Insurance Appraisal in Portland

insurance appraisal portlandIf you’ve been dealing with a dispute with your insurance company, an appraisal may be your best course of action. By getting third parties involved, you can get a reasonable and solid appraisal of what you’re owed so you can get back to your pre-accident life. Knowing what to expect during an insurance appraisal can help you be ready. 

Make an Honest Attempt at a Consensus 

Before you can invoke your appraisal clause, you and your insurance company will have to make an honest attempt at a consensus. Depending on your contract, there may be a set period of time that you will have to try and work with your insurance provider. Make sure you know what the stipulations are before you start the process. 

Choose the Right Appraiser 

You have a right to choose your own appraiser to value your car, motorcycle, or heavy equipment. Your insurance company will also choose their own appraiser, so it’s important that you pick an appraiser who’s experienced and knowledgeable. Do your research and make sure that you make the right choice for your circumstances.  

An Umpire May Be Needed 

If the two appraisers can’t come to an agreement, an umpire may be needed. The umpire can be an engineer, judge, contractor, or other expert who has a knowledge of the situation. Be prepared for this process to add some time to your insurance appraisal

Need an Insurance Appraisal in Portland?

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